etichette elettroniche (e-labels) armonizzate al Regolamento Europeo UE 2117/2021

Packages include all features, you just pay for the total number of e-labels you need

€ 0 / year
(3 etichette elettroniche)

Free up to 3 electronic labels and corresponding QR-CODES.

€ 49 / year
(10 etichette elettroniche)

Annual subscription for up to 10 e-labels and QR-CODES.

€ 99 / year
(25 etichette elettroniche)

Annual subscription for up to 25 e-labels and QR-CODES.

€ 149 / year
(50 etichette elettroniche)

Annual subscription for up to 50 e-labels and QR-CODES.

€ 199 / year
(Unlimited e-labels)

Annual subscription for unlimited e-labels and QR-CODES.

First 3 e-labels free

Get started now for free and create your first 3 e-labels.

No credit card needed

No subscription required. Free registration and creation of three e-labels in a few minutes.

Cancel anytime

You can opt out at any time by transferring the e-labels to another provider.

Nutritional Declaration

Compliance with EU Regulation (EU) 2021/2117 by providing accurate and up-to-date nutritional information

List of Ingredients

Compliance with EU Regulation (EU) 2021/2117 by listing all ingredients in your wines and highlighting potential allergens.

Recycling Guidelines

Compliance with the special regulations of other countries, such as recycling rules, imposed by the Italian legislation D.Lgs. 116/2020

Translation into the 24 official languages ​​of the EU.

Compliance with regulatory requirements by ensuring that your e-Labels are available in the language of each country where your wines are sold (within the European Union).

Update information at any time

Ability to change information in e-Label. Save label space and avoid redesign and reprint costs.


Ability to display technical characteristics of the wine as well as other useful information for consumers such as certifications of sustainability, packaging and guidelines for responsible consumption.

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Create electronic labels for your products, in line with the European Regulation EU 2117/2021

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